Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Massive Meal, Massive Post! Chayote, Explored. (Video included!)

This past week was my birthday and my awesome friend and follower of my blog, Liz, gave me plates!!!

Such a thoughtful birthday gift!! While my title is no longer relevant, I am still One Plate Wonder in spirit. And I still have a tiny kitchen where the plate doesn't even fully fit on the counter. So, here is a big, birthday post from One Plate Wonder.

I recently visited my friend in Boston who had just come back from Costa Rica. She recommended Chayote and pointed it out in the market. So when I saw it in Whole Foods, I picked it up and decided to give it a try. All I knew was that it was from Costa Rica, so I started to research. I found out that it is a squash cooked by boiling then peeling. Now, I know Costa Rica is in Central America. I am not too familiar with where certain foods come from as I have not traveled much, but I do associate it with South of the Border/South America, so I tried to go for those flavors. This is the chayote.

The full explanation of the dish is in the video interview below (an exclusive interview with One Plate Wonder herself interviewed by my sister). Here is the description I may put on the menu of a restaurant (if anyone wants to put it on a menu I am happy to sell it because I am definitely short on cash at the moment): A melange of mushrooms and chayote atop a bed of sauteed swiss chard above spiced polenta patties, topped with avocado.

I started prepping the chayote and while that was going on, I sauteed onion and garlic then added cremini mushrooms. When the chayote was ready I added that to the mix with some paprika, salt, pepper, and chili powder.

Next I heated black beans and added the mushroom and chayote mixture.

While that was heating, I sauteed the swiss chard and started pan frying the polenta patties. But the polenta patties were getting oily so I baked them.

Then it was time for plating.

I started with the polenta.

Then I added the swiss chard and, on top of that, the mushroom, bean and chayote mixture.

Finally I added avocado and lime juice on top.

I made a plate for my sister now that I have SO many plates.

And yes, we both squeeze onto this little table to eat rather than our kitchen table (which resides in the living because of our small kitchen) so that we can watch TV. Another of love of mine: TV. I think I should start posting what I watched while I ate the meals I am blogging about. Tonight we watched an online preview of Modern Family and it was AWESOME. I highly recommend this show. Hilarious!

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for...

Now, I am no "next food network star," but I did make this short video with my sister about my process. Watch and enjoy! I love how my sister is eating through the whole thing.

And a funny picture, just because.


  1. This has been my favorite meal so far (and my favorite blog post). So delicious!

  2. Haha I love it! The video is great! I want to see more of them. Thanks for posting about chayote on gastrofabulous too. I saw some chayotes in the store today and thought about getting them. But then I didn't.

  3. You should get them. They are really good.